Sangit Kriya Visarad (Gold Medalist), Sangit Praveen (Gold Medalist)
Pt. JOYDEEP  GHOSH  is  hailed  as  one  of  India’s  leading   Sarod , Surshringar &  Mohanveena  artists , today .  
He  started  learning  Sarod  from  the  tender  age  of  five  under  the  able  guidance  of  the  great  masters  late  Sangeetacharya Anil Roychoudhury , late Sangeetacharya Radhika Mohan Moitra  and  Padmabhusan Acharya Buddhadev Dasgupta  all  belong  to  the  famous  Shahajahanpur Sarod Gharana . He  has  learned  the  technique  of  Laykari  and  its  application  from  the  noted  exponents  of  Tabla late  Pt. Amal  Sarkar, late  Ustad  Shaukat  Ali  Khan  and  late  Pt. Anil Palit . He  has  also  received  his  lesson  in  Vocal Music  from  the  eminent  vocalist  late  Sangeetacharya  Amaresh Chandra Choudhury  belongs  to  the  famous  Senia  Gharana . Subsequently, he  was  under  the  tutelage  of  the  versatile  master  late  Pt. Bimalendu  Mukherjee , a  doyen  of  the famous  Imdadkhani  Gharana  of  Sitar  &  Surbahar .  Pt. Ghosh  has  included  all  the  important  aspects  like  Gayaki , Tantrakari, Raag-vistar and Laykari in his own style .  The  brilliant  guidance  under  the  famous  maestros  has  led  him  towards  a  new  horizon  in  Sarod , Surshringar  &   Mohanveena  playing .  
The  artist  had  received  many  awards  &  honors  since  his  childhood  including  the  Scholarship  &  Fellowship  both from  Govt . of  India .  All along  he  had  secured  1st  position  in  All  India  Music  Competition(Delhi) , 'Sangit  Kriya Visarad' Diploma (Kolkata)  &  'Sangit  Praveen' Diploma (Allahabad) . He  had  been  awarded  the  title 'Surmani' by  Sur Singar Samsad (Mumbai), 'Swarshree' from  Swarankur (Mumbai)  and  ‘Top Grade’  by  All India Radio .   
The  artist  had  been  invited  to  perform  in  several  esteemed  music  festivals  throughout  the  country  and  has  also   enchanted  music  audience  of  different  countries  including  USA , UK , Germany , France , Holland , Norway,  Sweden , Denmark , Bahrain , Bhutan  etc .   
Pt. Ghosh was attached as an Associate Professor with Indira Kala Sangit University, Khairagarh (Chhattisgarh) between 1985 - 2013 .